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Publish your work on!

Do you have a great slide show, poster or report that should be published in the Internet? offers to publish your work for you. Contact us to see if your work qualifies for publication on our site.

Have a look at running publications:'s LabVIEW virtual instrument collection
The vi collection pages on have been made for new and existing LabVIEW programmers. The collection covers: [programming topics] [drivers] [utilities] [projects] [events] and [related topics].

Thomas Maschmeyer's `Colours & Dyes`
This presentation offers an in-depth view on the world of colours and dyes. You are introduced to the history of colorants, how and why they work and how they are produced.

The use of e-codes in real products is investigating the use of e-codes (food additives) in real products (available in The Netherlands). See our progress sofar..

Johan Kelderman's `biotransmutation`
Johan Kelderman introduces a theory that has been defined as a nuclear conversion controlled by living cells.

Brewing beer
Bart en Ger show you how to brew your own beer in your own home kitchen! No special equipment is required, only the right ingredients.

Run BOINC and join SETI@home
BOINC is short for 'Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing'. This infrastructure allows scientists to develop programs that can be used by computer owners throughout the world. One of the first applications involved the 'search for extraterrestial intelligence' (SETI).


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