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Promotion of your work offers you to promote your website, event, book, product or service.

If your work involves chemistry or chemical engineering then it is eligible to be promoted by

Promoting your work on offers two distinct benefits:

  • the links on the page will guide visitors directly to your site
  • your site gets a higher ranking with search engines

You can send an email to with a request to promote your work.

In this email give permission to either use material that's on your site or use the copy of the advertizing material that you send as an attachement.

From this creates a webpage. Of course you will be the first to have a look at the promotional page and give any comment.

Before the the page goes public you can make sure it really hounours your work.

This service is free. You may or may not use this service as may or may not grant you this service.

Feel free to send your request to

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