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promoting | the 'Materials for Energy' conference

Save the date for the 1st International Conference on Materials for Energy 2010 in Karlsruhe, Germany

From July 4-8, 2010, the 'Materials for Energy' conference is being organised by the DECHEMA in cooperation with MRS, E-MRS and Nanomat. The final programme is available on the internet at

The following speakers will give a plenary talk:
Dr. Tomas Diaz de la Rubia from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA/USA, talks about "Materials challenges for the energy technology revolution: expanding the role of nuclear power and developing inertial fusion energy"

Dr. John L. Sarrao from Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM/USA, talks about "Controlling the Functionality of Materials for Sustainable Energy"

Prof. Dr. Robert Schlögl from Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society, Berlin, talks about "Catalysis for energy storage"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Schütze from DECHEMA e.V., Karl-Winnacker-Institut, Frankfurt am Main, talks about "Non-conventional solutions for the protection of materials at high temperatures"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alfred Voß from University of Stuttgart, Institut für Energiewirtschaft und Rationelle Energieanwendung, talks about "Energy technology perspectives for a sustainable energy provision"

More interesting lectures and poster presentations of the following areas will be presented:

  • Building Materials and Systems for Construction
  • Catalysts for Sustainable Energy Applications
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage: Batteries and Supercapacitors
  • High-Throughput Technologies for Energy Materials
  • Hydrogen Storage
  • Light-Weight Strategies, Concepts, Design, Materials, Processes and Methods
  • Materials for Energy Applications
  • Materials for Energy Storage
  • Materials for Fuel Cells
  • Materials for Large Power Plants
  • Materials for Renewable Energy Conversion
  • Materials Research for Solid-State Lighting
  • Nanostructures for Energy Applications
  • Thermoelectrics - from Highly Efficient Structures to High-Temperature Generators

Registration is open - please visit our webpage at

If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in Karlsruhe!

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