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book review | Chemical Process Technology

Chemical Process Technology
Jacob Moulijn, Michiel Makkee, Annelies van Diepen
Delft University Of Technology



Chemical Process Technology is a comprehensive introduction, examining both the fundamental concepts and applied nature of this subject. Modern process development relies on a knowledge of many different disciplines and an application and integration of this knowledge. Chemical Process Technology provides an essential bridge between the chemical sciences and the chemical industry. It enables the reader to integrate fundamental knowledge of the basic disciplines, to understand the most important chemical processes, and to apply this knowledge and understanding to industrial processes.

This innovative textbook examines both large-scale and small-scale chemical and biotechnology industries and aims to bring to life the concepts that form the basis of the process industry. Starting with a general look at the industry, subsequent hapters examine different processes in greater detail. Emphasis tends to be placed on chemical reactions and the reactor, both at the heart of each process, but coverage also includes feed pre-treatment and product seperation.


A comprehensive and balanced introduction providing an essential link between chemistry and the chemical industry. Includes problems with their solutions to encourage a fuller understanding of the subject. Many examples and case studies taken from a variety of modern industries. Richly illustrated chapters, with many clearly developed flow diagrams and numerous figures.

Chemical Process Technology will be invaluable to all students of chemical engineering, biotechnology and industrial chemistry who need a modern introduction to chemical reactions and processes. The book will also be of interest to researchers and professionals needing a concise, up-to-date text on this diverse subject.

John Wiley & Sons, LTD.
Chicester - New York - Weinheim - Brisbane - Singapore - Toronto
ISBN: 0-471-63062-4

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