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Baslini S.p.A.
Producer and distributor of raw and accessory materials for industry and agriculture.

As suggested by Anna Pozzo, Baslini, Italy.



industrial chemical products Baslini’s "Industrial Chemical Products and Raw Materials Division" is its core business and comprises a vast range of products, manufacture, and retail for every kind of industry: from chemistry in general to detergency, from paper and cardboard to paints and varnishes, ceramics, enamels, and textiles (dying and printing), tanneries, the food and wine industry. Baslini also works with metallurgy, iron metallurgy, electroplating, and galvanization. Although its traditional specialization lies in the additives used in major building construction (spritz [?] concrete and consolidation), this Division also works in the field of ecology (inertization processes).

During the late eighties, the Baslini Group established several different forms of synergies and by making the right purchases, it made special developments in the rubber and plastic industry in general.

The Group also works in the field of specialty crops: it supplies a product called Metasodium that helps prepare the soil for protected and premium crops in general. Metasodium is distributed throughout Italy.

Finally, Baslini can locate a considerable number of products for the pharmaceutical industry and supply them quickly.


Contact information

Piazza Baslini 1
24047 Treviglio (BG)

T: +39 0363 319.1
F: +39 0363 48866

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