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22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015



22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015 International Expo

an exclusive International exhibition of Brazil on all kinds of dyes and fine & specialty chemicals.


Date: 27 ~ 29 May 2015
Venue: Transamerica Expo Center, Sao Paulo - Brazil
Opening Hours: 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Open to :Business / Trade Visitors
Official Website Dye+Chem Brazil 2015 International Expo

Event Profile :

CEMS-Global USA’s International `Dye+Chem series of Exhibitions’ have reached its accession in popularity in South & South-East Asia as the only kind of series held in the sub-continent. Being organized for last 7 years in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Singapore & Sri Lanka; `CEMS-Global’ is pleased to take this leading Series of Exhibition to Brazil and present the Brazilian edition - `22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015 International Expo’ to be held on similar successful model concurrently with `Brazil Int’l Yarn & Fabric Show 2015’ and `Textech Brazil 2015 International Expo’, focused to the colossal manufacturing Industry of Brazil.

Brazil – one of the `BRICS’ economies and recently overtook UK as the world’s sixth-largest economy. Its economy is the largest of the Latin American nations and the second largest in the western hemisphere. Brazil is one of the fastest-growing major economies in the world. In future decades, Brazil is expected to become one of the five largest economies in the world.

Brazil’s place as a leader among the world’s emerging economies was first brought to widespread prominence with its inclusion as one of the BRIC countries – the tag given a decade ago to Brazil, Russia, India and China because of their robust economic growth and tremendous market opportunity. Today, Brazil has fulfilled its promise and remains one of the world’s top prospects for business development and investment.

Brazil continues to enjoy steady economic growth and has the 2nd biggest industrial sector in the Americas. The country’s annual per capita GDP is US$ 12,000, up 60% since 2000. Manufacturing sector dominates the Brazilian economy, contributing 67% and 30% of GDP, respectively. Brazil has steered a careful path to reach a position of global economic and industrial power. All these facts made CEMS-Global to take its popular `Dye+Chem Series of Exhibition’ to Brazil.

`22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015 International Expo’ hence focuses on the manufacturing sector of this potential Nation. `Dye+Chem’ will be the most prestigious and exclusive International Exhibition devoted to focus on all kinds of Dyes and Fine & Specialty Chemicals for the colossal Brazilian manufacturing Industry and will be a one-stop single platform to showcase from home and abroad the latest developments and emerging technology for the Process Industry.

The `22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015’ will be the biggest meeting place ever held in Brazil for Buyers and Suppliers of Dyestuffs and Fine & Specialty Chemicals and will also provide an interactive platform for Exhibitors to generate business through displays / direct interaction and will enhance the synergy effect and attract top level professionals from the Industry thus improving technology, focus and visitors of the expo.

Classification of Exhibits

All Industry :

Adhesives / Catalysts/ Basic chemical bulk drugs, Chemical Intermediates/ Cleaning chemicals, Corrosion inhibitors, Cosmetic Chemicals, Detergent Raw Materials, Dyes and dye stuffs, Electro Chemicals, Electroplating chemicals, Fertilizers, Fine Chemicals, Food Chemicals, Inorganic Chemicals, Laboratory chemicals, Oil Field chemicals, Performance chemicals, Petrochemicals, Processing Chemicals, Textile Chemicals.

Agro Chemicals, New Chemical Materials, Chemical Equipment & Engineering, Chemical Control Apparatus & Instruments / Equipment, Chemical Processing Equipment / Machinery

Textile :

(a) All kinds of dyestuff and pigment, disperse dye, acid dye, reactive dye, basic dye, direct dye, vat dye, Sulphur Dye, Indigo blue, sulfureted black, organic pigment, printing plasm, color dyestuff, etc; (b) Various Dye intermediates; (c) Textile, Dyeing and Finishing Auxiliary: dye dispersed/ water treatment/ preparative treatment/ printing treatment/ printing behind treatment/ treatment and machining auxiliary, inorganic pigments and ore stuff, organic impregnant, surface active impregnant, printing auxiliary, environmental and functional style auxiliary, etc; (d) Other Auxiliary : Chemical fiber monomer, activator, chemical fiber oil auxiliary, supple auxiliary, bond, finishing auxiliary and other chemicals; (e) Textile Industry environmental technology, quality authentication system and relative apparatus and equipments, etc Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web portals

Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web porta

About CEMS-Global (Organizer)

Since its inception in 1992, CEMS, in this span of over 2 decades has made a commendable presence in the region as a Multinational Exhibition Organizer with its owned operations in 7 countries & organizing over 39 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade and economy. With its Global HQ in USA, CEMS carries out its activities from CEMS-Global USA based in New York, its offices – CEMS India, CEMS China, CEMS Bangladesh, CEMS Lanka, CEMS-Global Asia-Pacific Singapore, CEMS Indonesia and over 10 Associate offices around the world.

Visitor Profile

`22nd Dye+Chem Brazil 2015 International Expo’ will focus on Target visitors consisting of Operation / Production / Industrial Managers, Senior Production Representatives, Purchase Departments of Processing Industry, Decision makers and Professionals from all related Industries, Consultants, Agencies, Manufacturers, Exporters, Government Officials, Associations, Importers & Traders from all manufacturing sectors of the Industry of Brazil, Trading Companies, Export Houses.


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