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Member Area - Privacy Policy

Your contribution to the world of chemistry

What we should know about you

The less we know about you, the better your privacy is guarded. Therefore it is's policy to ask (new members) only the following;
  • your name or at least how we should address you
  • your email address so we can assume you are who you say you are
  • your organization or rather the basic URL you will be reporting for
We will also store your computer's address while you have logged in.

Unless some law says we should act differently we won't ask you for your gender, age, income etc..

What you should know about us

Of course it is our policy to keep you informed. Technically there are several ways to do so but your visits to this website should suffice. Consequently we won't send you any unsollicited email.
Or, if you have ever heard of Monty Python's Flying Circus, we want to deliver you 'spam, bacon and eggs' without the spam.

What others should know about you

No information stored in our database will be displayed to third parties.

Furthermore, won't reveal any stored information about one member to another member. Members may start to communicate with eachother using their own ID and may or may not decide to reveal their identity to eachother.

What you should know about others

If no information on your person is revealed to others, you may also expect the reverse to be true. This is true for individual persons, but you may find things about the 'others' as a group:
  • If entries in our databases are not editted by you, they are editted by someone else.
  • If the statistics page displays computernames other than yours you know others have visited the same webpage as you have. At the same time others may find out that this webpage has been reached by your computer.

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