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Chemistry related topics found throughout the world.

Browse or search our database.

Feel free to browse the database or search for specific topics.
This database contains well over 400 links and members are allowed to add, edit or delete their own links.

Please notify us if a site no longer exists. And be sure to let us know which chemistry related website should be added to our database. You may even suggest a brandnew topic and send us your bookmarks on that topic! You can send an email to

This was created with the help of prof. Bill Passwaters, West Chester University.

Updating the links

The original list of links was created some years ago. Most links were handpicked by prof. Bill Passwaters. During the years some sites went off-line, were moved or introduced new naming policies. So it's time to review the list... [20050514]

During the review symbols will be placed in front of the links. The following symbols are in use:

* .. this link has not been reviewed before
? .. this link has not been reviewed now but it used to be okay
! .. this link has been reviewed and seems to be okay now
X .. this link has been reviewed and seems to be dead now

Links that seem to be 'dead' now may still be useful as can be seen for the following link:

The description for this link is: 'A continually updated database of IR spectra for compounds containing C, H, O, N, and halogen atoms. Free, although registration is required.'

Now obviously this link doesn't work or at least it leads to an error page.

However, using the keywords 'ir', 'database' and 'erlangen' in Google will promptly present pages corresponding with the given description. Of course in time a link to one of those page will replace the existing link.

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