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 Topics in Chemistry

  Ancient Egyptian cosmetics and chemistry

An article describing the use by the Egyptians just after 2000 B.C. of cosmetic powders that were prepared via "wet" chemistry procedures.


The third naturally occuring form of carbon discovered in 1985 by three scientists who subsequently received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1995. Topics include the basics, synthesis, structure, uses...

  Glass: Liquid or Solid

Or the antique windowpanes story. An article that consists chiefly of a selection of quotes from specialists in materials science which state unambiguously that glasses are amorphous solids.

  Photochromic Sunglasses

Explanation of the chemistry involved when sunglasses darken in bright sunshine and become transparent in dark environments.

  Quantum Consciousness

An interesting, well written article that contrasts the differences between Newton’s deterministic (clockwork) world and the uncertainties of the quantum world. Worth reading.

  The Clorox Newsline

Facts about bleach: Health and safety, product disposal, recycling...

  The Golden Crown

Or "I have it" from popular literature. The story of how Archimedes determined a fraud in the manufacture of a King’s golden crown is retold. The author of the article then describes why the popular version of the story is unlikely and a viable method that could have been used to expose the fraud.

  The Theory of Glass

A non-mathematical description of glass in terms of its thermodynamic and material properties. A brief discussion of the different types of glasses such as fused silica, soda-lime, and borosilicate is also included.

  The story of Freon

A detailed story which includes the history of the evolution of refrigerants from methyl chloride to freon, the uses of freon, and of the awareness of the impact of freon on stratospheric ozone levels

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