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 Teaching Resources

  A problem in learning Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom
by Dileep V. Sathe, Dadawala Jr. College

Every student of science has to learn Bohr's theory of hydrogen atom in the introductory courses of physics and chemistry, particularly. Even students interested in biology also have to learn this theory in the core courses of science. As this theory is known for nearly 90 years, the question is: Can we take for granted that, now, there are no problems in learning of this theory? As the title of this note in 'Chemical Education International' suggests, there are some problems in learning this theory. What is that problem? Why is it still persisting? Why is it global in nature? In this note, the author addresses these problems.

  Chemical Catalogues

Includes on-line combined chemicals catalogue of chemical companies that can be searched by registery number, molecular formula (exact and non-exact) and chemical names (and synonyms).

  Chemical Demonstrations

A site that lists 90 laboratory experiments with titles like 'Colors', 'Copper Chameleon' or 'Oxidation States of Manganese'. Requires Acrobat Reader.

  Chemistry Tutor

This site describes a CD ROM for windows that is not free. The demos indicate an emphasis on visual presentation (graphics, animation), questions and interactions with minimal text support. NOTE: This site was last updated in September 1998.

  Enzyme Activity

An experiment is outlined which involving the use of an enzyme catalyst in the hydrolyzes the disaccharide sugar sucrose into the simple sugars glucose and fructose. Requires a spectrometer and student graphing skills.

  Free Software

All-purpose chemical drawing and graphics freeware. Use templates or free-hand to draw molecules and/or ions. Automatic calculation of MW, and formula with estimates of density, refractive index, molar volume. Software for viewing NMR spectra is also available for downloding. Select 'ACD Tools for Educators'.

  Honors Chemistry Experiments

A standard set of chemistry experiments written in a very basic format.

  Hot Potatoes

Free software that produces the HTML and JavaScript code for the delivery on your webpage of multiple choice questions, short answer questions, fill in the gap questions.

  Lecture Demonstrations

An extensive set of usual and unusual demonstrations relating to: chromatography, chemical reactions, electrolysis, gaseous state, thermochemistry, flame tests, radioactivity, states of matter, solutions, kinetics, acid-base equilibria, solubility, electrochemistry...

  Sadtler Software

A free tutorial to introduce commercial software designed for professional report writing complete with 2-D and 3-D chemical structures, chemical reactions, lab experiment setups, data tables... Useful just to see the flexibility and range of currently available commercial software.

  Science Help Online

This is a free website, designed to help students, from all around the world, learn Chemistry. On the site students will find lessons, worksheets, practice quizzes, crossword puzzles and more.

  Software for Chemistry

Software for high school chemistry classes. Mostly for sale but there is some useful shareware. Also ject the demo tutorials that are often offered with for sale software.

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