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Links: Safety Issues

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 Safety Issues

  Carcinogenic Exposure

Possible carcinogenic hazards from a variety of common human exposures from beer to hamburgers are ranked.

  Chemical Safety Information [Oxford University ]

Database with search option for over 15000 potentially hazardous chemicals. Also includes lists of suspected carcinogens, hazard codes, safety of industrial gases,…

  Hazardous Chemical Data base [University of Akron]

A searchable database of nearly 4000 chemicals. Information is retrieved by entering a keyword such as a name, synonym, formula, or registry number into a search window. Includes Physical Data, Fire and Explosion Hazards, Health Hazards and Emergency Action for Fire, Spill or First Aid.

  Hazardous Material Classification

Covers the coding system supporting the hazardous materials label in terms of: Fire Hazards-Flash points, Health Hazard, Reactivity, Radiation, Specific Hazards…

  Laboratory Survival Manual [University of Virginia]

This site covers every aspect of laboratory safety: acquisition and disposal of chemicals, first aid and emergency procedures, general laboratory practices, labeling, material safety data sheets, information & training, properties of hazardous materials, safety equipment and special classes of materials.

  Material Safety Data Sheets

Description of safety hazards associated with specified chemicals.

  Occupational Safety and Health [Finland]

Directory of safety and health Internet resources. List sites covering chemical safety, pesticides, hazardous materials...

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