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 Reference Sources

  The TeleSpec Infrared Spectra Database

A continually updated database of IR spectra for compounds containing C, H, O, N, and halogen atoms. Free, although registration is required.

  Organic chemistry glossary

Organic Chemistry is full of numerous similar sounding terms. The terms and resources on the list should make organic chemistry a bit less confusing.

 Periodic Tables

  Web Elements

Periodic table plus description of each element's chemical and physical properties with supporting tables.

  The Elements and Isotopes

The Elements and Isotopes is a comprehensive application that will display information from the Periodic Table and the Table of the Isotopes.

  Periodic Table

Standard information is available for each element such as: density, boiling and melting points, covalent and atomic radii, valences, electronegativity, ionization energy, electron configurations...…

  Periodic Table of the Elements

Click on an element in the periodic table and receive information on that element's history, sources, compounds that it forms, uses, costs, the isotopes it forms.

  Periodic Table Data base

Includes about a dozen physical properties such as boiling and melting point,, density, thermal conductivity, and specific heat capacity.

  MIT Periodic Table

Good for investigating periodic properties. A graph of the selected property versus atomic number is available for each element.

  Los Alamos Periodic Table

Description of history, properties, resources, uses, isotopes, forms... for each element.


Periodic Table of the Elements, with a legend describing each element . Click on an element of interest and get data on its density, boiling point, melting point, heat of fusion, ionization energies, electron configuration, physical and chemical properties, abundance, atomic radius, isotopes…

  Java Periodic Table of the Elements

Click on a physical property of choice and a graph of that physical property versus atomic weight is displayed. Next, click on an element of choice and the value of the physical property for the selected element is given.

  Lenntech Periodic Table

This site differs from other periodic table sites in that is carries health and envrionmental effects for the most important elements. The periodic table is presented in 5 languages

  Periodic Table on is an informative guide for both students and educators with specific articles on periodic tables.

  Periodic Table on is an informative guide for both students and educators with specific articles on periodic tables.

 Data Tables and Physical Constants

  Vapor Pressure of Water

The table of vapor pressure data for water is given in kPa. Conversion factors given for conversion of pressure to atm or mm Hg.

  Tables of Chemical Data

Tables of fundamental physical constants, thermodynamic properties of pure substances, ionization constants of monoprotic and polyprotic acids, solubility products, stability constants, aqueous standard reduction potentials....

  Table of the Nuclides

Included for each nuclide: atomic mass, binding energy,atomic abundance, half-life, possible parent nuclides...

  Physical Constants

Tables of physical constants for chemistry and physics.

  Table of Common Ions

Names, formulae, and charges of some common ions.

  Nuclear Science

Not the easier site to navigate but filled with reference information including a periodic table of the nuclides, nuclear science and astrophysics glossaries, and descriptions of nine nuclear science experiments. But in particular check out the section: Learn about Nuclear Science. The discussion/explanation and the graphics are excellent. Use the links in the middle of the webpage.

  Half-Lives of Selected Radioactive Isotopes

A table of 41 isotopes with their half-lives plus an explanation of C14 dating.

  CHEMystery Reference

Physical constants, solubilities, densities, oxidation states, reduction potentials, discussions of various topics in beginning chemistry.
 Calculations and Conversions

  Ideal Gas Law Calculator

Solves Ideal Gas Law Equation when three of the variables are known.

  Ideal Gas Calculator

For the four variables in the ideal gas law equation: pressure p, volume v, temperature T, or number of moles n, enter data for three of the variables and the program calculates the value of the fourth.

  Conversion Factor Calculator

Converts between units in chemistry, physics, engineering...

  Concentration Units

Describes parts per million PPM, parts per billion PPB, parts per trillion PPT, and parts per quidrillion PPQ in mathematical AND in understandable terms.

  Chemical Composition

Enter a chemical formula and the percentages of each of the elements included in the formula is calculated. First step in calculation of empirical formula.


Enter the name, chemical formula, or molecular formula of a chemical and get its description plus chemical and physical properties.

  NIST WebBook

Determine the chemical identity of a sample by entering formula, name, molecular weight, IR data, mass spect data, or by using the on site applet to draw a structure.

  Molecular Weight Calculator

Molecular mass is calculated and displayed when a chemical formula is entered.

  Quizzes and Tutorials

A set of 15 test banks with answers covering topics such as: atoms and molecules, chemical equations, thermochemistry, quantum chemistry, molecular geometry, bonding, gaseous state, solutions, rate of reactions, acids and bases, equilibrium, solubility, entropy, and electrochemistry. Each test bank is futher broken down into about 10-15 sub-categories which facilitates concentration on a topic of interest. Very comprehensive.
 Chemical Names and Nomenclature


Generate systematic names from chemical structures, and structures from systematic or common names with the click of a button. Freeware version available for download.

  Acronym Database

Search for chemical name for common chemicals such as PVC that is formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term: polyvinyl chloride.

  Basic Organic Nomenclature

Includes alkanes, aromatics, functional groups...

  Common Names

A table of synonyms for many common chemicals; for example Borax and sodium tetraborate

  Molecules with Silly Names

Description and structure of molecules such as: arsole, bastardane, megaphone, buckminster fullerene, munchnones. Click on MOTM Bristol and scrool to the bottom of the page.

  Chemistry Definitions

A "textbook" of chemistry definitions accessible by subject category.

  Chemistry Dictionary

Contains definitions of chemical terms.

  Definitions and terms in Organic Chemistry

A dictionary of preferred definitions and terms in Organic Chemistry.

  What is a Mole?

A history of the development of the mole concept. Easy reading.

  Biochemistry Lecture Notes

Outline notes for a introductory level university biochemistry course. The first chapter provides an overview of the topic plus succinct coverages of bonding and aqueous solution chemistry. Later chapters cover proteins, enzymes, metabolism, carbohydrates, amino acid biosythesis and degradation, the Urea Cycle...

  Friends School Chemistry Homepage

A database of links to on-site definitions and short explanations. The text and the accompanying graphics are clear and to the point. The range of topics is limited but the those included are treated thoroughly. Hopefully, this is a work in progress and additional topics will be forthcoming. An excellent site for beginning chemistry students.

  Intro to Chem II

On-site links to traditional textbook treatment of second semester topics such as: thermodynamics, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, transition metal chemistry. Mostly definitions with no illustrations.

  Introductory Organic Chemistry

Almost exclusively presented in narrative form with almost no graphics or links. A good source for basic topics such as alkanes, alkynes, aromatics, heterocylics,and functional groups but also includes sections on petroleum, pesticides and dyes under fine chemicals, lipids, molecular genetics…
 Laboratory Help


Basic tutorial for graphing experimental data. Includes a plot of data taken from a table, interpretation of resulting graph, calculation of constants…

  Laboratory Practices

Includes sections on writing laboratory reports and on laboratory safety.
 Specific Databases

  ACD/Chromatography Applications Database

The free Public Chromatography Applications Database under ACD/Web Librarian contains 1830 HPLC/GC separations provided by major column vendors. The database can be searched by structure, substructure, and structural similarity, as well as by numerous chromatographic parameters.

  Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds

Type in an abbreviation of the name of a chemical compound and get its full name, chemical name, and structure.

  Amino Acid Database

Structure and basic data given for amino acids.

  CCD ChemExper Chemical Directory

A search engine that allows a chemical to be found by submitting its molecular formula, IUPAC name, common name, CAS number, catalog number, substructure or physical characteristics. Really useful for determining the number and identity of all the isomers for a particular molecular formula.


General index of Links to University chemistry departments world wide, chemical companies worldwide, databases...

  Smell Database

Smell, physical properties, and structure (wire-frame and space) representations. Rotating molecule is available using RasMol software.
 Odds and Ends


Molecular formulas, structural formulas, and names for the first 10 unbranched open-chain alkanes along with their respective boiling, melting points and density are listed. UPAC system for naming alkanes is also included.

  Nobel Prize Winners in Chemistry

Listed by year and alphabetically.

  The scientific method

Two page discussion of the basic elements of the scientific method as written for a university biology laboratory. Self contained with no links for elaboration of explanations.

  Washington Penn Plastic Co.

We provide compounded polyproylene and polyethylene products, tailored to our customers' application requirements, replacing high-cost engineering resins with lower cost materials by expanding the properties and capabilities of polyolefin compounds.

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