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  Acesulfame k (sweetener)

We,Zhangjiagang Hopo Chemicals co.,ltd, the leading manufacturer Acesulfame-K of in China produce the A-K sweetener up to 800 tons every year. what is more, we engage in this scope for nearly 7 years and which makes our technique mature and makes assure that you can get high quality product at the competitive price.Tel:+86-21-64722871; 64154733


Links to sites involving general chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, molecular genetics, current topics…


CHEMystery was created as a virtual chemistry textbook to function as an interactive guide for high school chemistry students. Topics such as energy, thermodynamics, equilibrium, acids/bases, electrochemistry, nuclear reactions...are located on site.

  CRC Reference

Links to homework help links, properties of elements, chemistry resources, organizations…

  Chemical Products Marketplace

B2B marketplace for chemical products, featuring an auctions and reverse auctions platform for trading products.

  Chemistry Solutions

Web links to history of chemical engineering and tutorials on atomic structure, chemical bonding, molecular models, energy, entropy, equilibrium, nuclear chemistry...

  Clive Buckley's Chemistry Help Page

A site composed of lecture notes and tutorial exercises for beginning chemistry students. Topics include titrimetric analysis, gravimetric analysis, chemical bonding, separation techniques, rates of reactions, and dilutions and concentrations. Written in a narrative, non-interactive form with few graphics.

  High School Chemistry Links

Measurements, laboratory safety, balancing chemical reactions, atomic structure, gas laws, stoichiometry, pH, equilibrium, energy, entropy, the mole, bonding...

  High School Chemistry Links

Significant figures, atomic structure, electronic structure, bonding, the mole, stoichiometry, acids and bases, gas laws, equilibrium, oxidation numbers, solutions...

  Links for Chemists

Maintained by the University of Liverpool Department of Chemistry updated monthly. Includes links to Universities world wide, chemical companies, chemistry journals, chemical societies…

  Liz Dorland's Homepage

Chemistry resources homepage with emphasis on links to Chime based tutorials. Mostly organic and biochemical molecules.

  Martindale's Chemistry

Survey of links to measurements, chemical databases, chemistry courses, atmospheric chemistry, analytical techniques...a hugh collection of unusual chemistry links directed to advanced university students. Generally unsuitable for high school students but fun to pick through.

  Rosen's Chemistry Links

Includes links to: atomic structure, electron configurations, periodicity, bonding, formulas equations, stoichiometry, acid/ base reactions, oxidation/reduction…

  Science Links

Space and astronomy, Environment, global warming, acid rain, ozone layer depletion...

  Tutorials and Exercises

Links to tutorials and exercises in biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, molecular modeling, organic chemistry, spectroscopy, stereochemistry, reactions/mechanisms... allows members to revise and maintain a chemistry links database and a chemistry events database. Visitors can browse or search these databases.

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