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Links: History of Chemistry

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 History of Chemistry


A well written narrative of the history of alchemy. Not much new here but the style has the Asimov touch...the facts are woven in tightly with few loose ends.


Principles and practice between about 1600 to 1800 A.D. The Aristotelian four-element system of earth, air, fire, and water had given way to the philosophy of three prime elements: Mercury, Sulphur, and Salt. But practical metallurgical processes and distillation were developed and transmutation of base metals was in vogue.

  Classic Papers in Chemistry

Links to the classics papers of Avagradro, Dalton, Arrhenius, Bohr, Planck, J.J. Thomson, Boyle, Lavoisier, Priestley…

  Famous Scientists

A comprehensive list of physicists, chemists, and mathematicians ranging from Thales of Miletus (638-548 B.C.) to Glenn T. Seaborg (1921- 1999). Each has a thumbnail sketch and most have links to the history of their field and their contibution to it.

  History of Science

Chemical engineering, science, and technology timeline 440 B.C. to 1995.

  Links List to History of Science

Links to history of chemistry, atomic age, Einstein...

  Radioactivity: Historical Figures

Biographies of Roentgen, Becquerel, Marie Curie, and Rutherford. Emphasizes the contributions of each to the study of radioactivity and includes a brief description of the experiments which led to their discoveries.

  The Discovery of Radioactivity

The history of the key breakthroughs in elucidation of radioactivity. Includes the roles of Becquerel, the Curies and Rutherford. Succinct and well written.

  The Quantum Age Begins

The role of all the major contributors to the development of quantum theory is woven together chronologically in about two pages. On-site links to sketchs to Kirchoff, Boltzman, Wien, Planck, Einstein, Bohr, etc, are included. Also, check the History Topics List for short, interesting discussions of the history of special relativity, general relativity, cosmology, gravitation...

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