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 General Science Sites



  Colour and Temperature

An astronomy site that is useful to illustrate how the temperature and the color of blackbody radiation are related.

  Hubble Space Telescope

1990-2001 picture gallery, lastest additions, comet/Jupiter encounter. gallery of planetary nebulae.

  Introduction to Cosmology

Pages within site include coverage of the Big Bang Theory, cosmological constant, stellar evolution, cosmic microwave background radiation, formation of quasars...Worth checking!
 The Solar System

  Mars Academy

Information about Mars ... geology, atmosphere, canals, past and future missions, proposed landing site...Click on propulsion to check out futuristic systems such as ion and nuclear engines.

  Solar Wind Effects

NASA report of plasma enhanced solar wind ramming and compressing earth's magnetic field leading to losses of atmosphere in the polar regions.

  Spaceguard Survey

A site dedicated to the possibility of asteroid and meteor hazards to the earth. Sections include: Hazard of Comic Impact, Near Earth Object Population, Search Strategy, Follow-up Observations...

  The Nine Planets

Covers the sun, the nine planets, and the principal satellites of the planets; i.e., earth's moon, Jupiter's Io... Spacecraft photography, mythological origins, physical features, orbital shapes...

  Views of the Solar System

Extraordinary lists of links to text discussions, animations, and data tables regarding the planets, planetary moons, comets, meteors, meteorites, the sun…
 Space Flight

  Kennedy Space Center

Current space flight activities plus archives.

  NASA Homepage

All about NASA...activites, history...from space station planning to space probes lastest findings.

  Space Flight

A tutorial on space flight. Includes sections on: interplanetary space, terrestrial coordinates, gravitation, planetary orbits, interplanetary trajectories, spacecraft, spacecraft navigation, launch windows... AND MORE.

  Space Ship One

A private enterprise and yet going into space! Have a look at the great images of the white knight and space ship one. Very detailed on the combustion system.

  Oklo Site Map

The remains of the Oklo natural nuclear reactors were found in Western Australia in 1972. This site covers information about the Oklo site and about nuclear fission. Topics include: A description of the fission process, the relative abundance of uranium isotopes, waste and fission products, how a breeder reactor works...

  Nuclear Energy

A new fusion reactor is descibed.

  Nuclear Fission

Short descriptions with accompanying graphics for topics such as : chain reactions, controlled fission, why uranium and plotonium are fissionable nuclei, calculation of energy release, spontaneous fusion, time of reaction, detonation sequence for nuclear devices…

  Nuclear Issues

Site of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research on nuclear power, reactor types, radioactive waste, health and safety, reprocessing, tritium, plutonium, reactor accidents...

  Nuclear Power Plant Demo

A simulation of the type of problems which can arise at a nuclear power plant.

  The Virtural Nuclear Tourist

Comprehensive segments on plant designs for different types of nuclear reactors, components systems of a nuclear plant, emergency systems, radioactive waste, plant operation, Chernoybl, Three-mile island, significant nuclear events, plant locations, comparison of release levels for power plants fueled by natural gas, coal, oil, nuclear. Lots of schematics and information. Check out Nuclear Links for information from individual nuclear plants.
 Weather and Climate

  A Lightning Primer

Basic theory, storm characteristics, types of lightning discharges, description of the discharge process, lightning detection systems...

  Climate Data

Live access to color graphics of monthly updated world climate data such as the sea surface temperatures and the air temperature. Click on HELP before proceding. It will save time.

  La Nina

Weekly updates, computer generated images, forecasts of global climate impact, El Nino/La Nina cycle tutorial...

  The Weather Channel

Current weather maps, international city forecasts, satellite images.

  Weather Related

Tutorials with graphics on clouds, precipitation, fronts, air masses, weather forecasting, winds, hurricanes, hydrologic cycle, cyclones...

  Weather Web Sites

Listing of worldwide weather related sites.

  Gene Testing

Tutorials on genes, gene testing, linkage with diseases...Good visualizations.

  Genome Anatomy Project

The Cancer Genome Anatomy Project (CGAP) is an interdisciplinary program to establish the information and technological tools needed to decipher the molecular anatomy of a cancer cell.

  Laboratory glassware Romanian company

Our company produces laboratory glassware made from borosilicate tubes. The company's most important categories of articles are: distilery apparatus, phisyco-chemistry determination apparatus and many many more.
 The International Space Station

  FAQ's about the ISS

Answers to some frequently asked questions about the European participation in the International Space Station

  ISS Launch Dates

Schedule of launch dates including launch sites, landing sites, crew, cargo, and work to be done.

  ISS Orbital Tracking

Shows the realtime position of the ISS as well as latitude, longitude, attitude, and speed. Very nice.

  ISS Virtual Reality tour

Take a Virtual Tour of the inside of the International Space Station.

  ISS modules

A color-coded schematic of the ISS that indicates the contributions to the ISS made by each of the 16 participating countries.

  International Space Station's electric power system (EPS)

A description of the Electrical Power System of the ISS. Read about the 'Plasma Contactor Unit' and the 'Floating Potential Probe' and other projects of Nasa's Power and Propulsion office.

  International Space Station

A schematic showing the various modules and segments of the ISS. Each module and segment is labeled with its name and is color coded to indicated the country or countries that built it.

  Station Location

Shows realtime location of ISS and space shuttle (when in orbit) on a globe updated once per minute.

  The International Space Station

Best sections are the artist's rendition of the completed ISS in 2004 and the section describing the types of reseach projects that will performed on board the station.
 Odds and Ends

  Battery Information

Discussion of performance and cost comparisons of NiCAD (Nickel Cadmium), NiMH (Nickel -Metal Hydride), SLA (Sealed Lead Acid), Li-ion (Lithium Ion), Li-Polymer (Lithium Polymer), and alkaline batteries. Positive and negative attributes for each battery type are listed. Comprehensive.

  Glossary of Physical Science Terms

Eclectic mixture of chemistry, (mostly) physics, and astronomy terms. Segments include: Planck's curve, laminar and turbulent flow, carbon dioxide, coriolis effect, entropy, fluid mechanics, general relativity, half-life, thermodynamics, triple points, etc.


Interesting article written in a flippant manner about the pros and cons of using hydrogen as an energy storage medium.

  Interstellar Molecules

A listing of molecules found in interstellar clouds using spectroscopic methods.


Schematics and text discussion of the theory of gas lasers, solid-state lasers, dye lasers, and semiconductor lasers.

  Scale and magnification

Interesting visual comparison of the relative sizes of viruses, tobacco smoke, bacteria, spores, and raindrops.


How does a spectrometer work? See Electromagnetic Radiation and Lambert Beer's Law explained.

  Superconductivity Synthesis

Discussions of background, theory, applications, Meissner Effect...with regard to superconductivity.

  Survey of Great Tsunamis

Text descriptions of five of the more recent tsunamis supplemented by images and computer-generated simulations.

  Table of Contents of Kimball's Biology Pages

A great site for academic and everyday topics in biology. Scroll down to Molecules for the (bio)chemistry section. Sections include amino acids, carbohydrates, cholesterol, affinity and size exclusion chromatography, enantiomers, hydrogen bonds, proteins,etc. There is too much to include everything. The selection of graphics and links greatly enhance the text. A wonderful under appreciated site.

  The Fundamental Forces [TRIUMF Canada]

Single page descriptions of the four fundamental forces: gravity, electromagnetism, weak, and strong. Basic with few mathematical complications.

  The Story of Steam

This is the story of the revolution that steam power brought about. See how man first saw the potential of steam and began to harness its powers, as the needs of civilisation outstripped the available power sources - humans and animals!

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