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 About Chemical Engineering

  Alternative Careers

Other careers that are attractive for chemical engineering graduates.

  Chemical Engineering Statistics

Statistics involving employment of chemical engineers in the U.S. Links to salary data.

  Chemical Engineering

On-line articles, news for the practicing chemical engineer, listing of current course offerings…

  Chemical and Process Engineering

World wide web virtual library on chemical engineering including academic sites, professional and commercial organisations, chemical engineering and process engineering related information.

  History of Chemical Engineering

Discussion of Frequently Asked Questions such as: "What is Chemical Engineering?". Job description, case study of petrochemicals…

  Medical Packaging Material

We are a joint-stock industry enterprise, locate in the economy circle of Chang jiang delta, with the superiority geography condition. Jiangsu jiecheng kit-affiliated medicament wrapper Co.Ltd .Our business mainly face to the international market. We take the advanced technology as forerunner , the capital as supporter to try our all effects to make the country prosperous, and have became a well-known professional domestic manufacturers, and industry groups in the leading position. Our company main produce solid officinal PVC rigid sheet and evades the light Officinal PVC,PVC/PVDC,PVC/PE,PVC/PVDC/PE compound film, all main materials are using the high grade PVC resin ,assist the top grade accessorial materials. our products is not only equal, clarity and bright, but also have such characteristics: good impact resistance ,good anti-corrosion, good aging-resistant ,good ultraviolet-resistant and readily become to shape , heat close quickly , excellent airproof character and so on. It's suitable for medication or food packaging. Production list: BLISTER Package Plastic with Aluminium Package Material 1. officinal PVC film 2. officinal PVC/PVDC coated film 3. Officinal PVC/PE coated film Liquid PACKAGING 1. Officinal PVC/PE coated film 2. officinal PVC/PVDC/PE coated film 3. Officinal PVC/PET coated film Soft Coaded Film 1. Thinnest Soft PVC film 2. PET/PVDC film coated with PVDC on single/double side 3. PE/PVDC film coated with PVDC on single/double side 4. BOPP/PVDC film coated with PVDC on single/double side 5. BOPA/PVDC film coated with PVDC on double/single side 6. Acrylic film coated with PVDC on single side 7. Nylon film coated with PVDC on single side 8. Fog-proof Film 9. other coated film

  Modern Petroleum Refining

Petroleum from exploration to the alteration of the products formed during the distillation and processing steps.

  National Science Foundation (NSF)

Survey of programs offered in science and engineering.

  Petroleum Distillation

Very nice diagrams and accompanying description of the distillation process...both continuous and batch. Click on Organic Chemistry.

  Petroleum and Modern Refining

Diagrams of fluidized catalytic cracking, fractions of various distillates in a barrel of oil, location of distillates on a distillation column plus extensive description of the refining process. Click Organic Chemistry.

  What do Chemical Engineers do?

Summaries of job descriptions for the various types of work that chemical engineers do, industry profiles of where they work, and a discussion of their working environment.

  What is a Chemical Engineer?

This page contains short discussions of what a chemical engineer is, what they did, what they are doing and what they will do, etc. And also contains a document for students who are looking at studying to become a chemical engineer.

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