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LabVIEW utilities - Serial Device Tester

Serial Device Tester - Single Shot

This program is a handy tool that helps you find or verify the right command structure and timing or that, more in general, helps you to test the propper working of your device.

In order to connect to your device you can set the serial port settings, such as baudrate, number of databits and parity. Next you can experiment with the command by giving up to three independent strings that will be concatenated to form the command string.

In order to establish the right response time you can specify the delay time before reading the response.

In order to test show the propper working of your device you can check the responses that the device gives on certain commands.

It is called Single Shot since this utility will open and close the serial connection for each command you want to test.


screenshot of serial device tester

Screenshot of the Serial Device Tester

screenshot of the serial device tester with the help system activated

Screenshot of the Serial Device Tester with the help system activated.


ZIP file coontaining:

  • (the utility)
  • sdt-singleshot.llb (the LabVIEW library containing all related program elements)
  • sdt-singleshot.ini (the configuration file)


  • The vis were created with LabVIEW 2012 SP1 Professional Development System
  • A video of the help system at work can be seen here

Bart Boshuizen, 2014/02/25

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