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LabVIEW utilities - DOS serial (RS-232/RS-485) test program


This page describes MASTER 0.30

MASTER is part of the Serial Device Simulator project.

MASTER is a simple DOS-based program to test your serial device.

Using MASTER is as easy as straightforward.

  1. enter some test command
  2. press ENTER to send it over the serial port
  3. wait to read the response

If you need to read more from the serial port just press ENTER.

You may configure MASTER by adapting the MASTER.INI file. By default this file is as follows:

 comport: 1
 baudrate: 9600
 databits: 8
 stopbits: 1
 parity: none
 responses: 2

Most lines speak for themselves. The last line is a bit odd. The 'responses' value is the number of times MASTER will read a line from the device. In many cases the number of response lines is just 1, but in some cases in might be 2 (or more).

This zip file contains MASTER.EXE, MASTER.INI and MASTER.TXT.

Bart Boshuizen, 2005/02/01

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