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LabVIEW related topics - LabVIEW for everyone

LabVIEW for everyone

In case the LabVIEW User Manual is too much to handle, you should read the 2nd edition of LabVIEW for everyone by Jeffrey Travis.

This book is useful both to the beginner and the intermediate LabVIEW programmer.

Part 1 introduces you to the world of LabVIEW, most notably the graphical programming language "G". Topics include data-acquisition basics, front panel, block diagram, virtual instruments and more specifically data types and programming structures.

Part 2 covers the more advanced topics like data acquisition and instrument control, advanced structures and functions, LabVIEW and Internet, file I/O etc..


There are many small tasks to perform that will help you increase your knowledge of LabVIEW.
The accompanying CD contains the solutions provided by the author. Some alternative solutions are listed below:

  • chapter 6, page 157 Use the shift register to store a value during consecutive iterations..
  • chapter 6, page 163 Calculate the square root with error handling
  • chapter 7, page 197 Create a waveform graph with 4 lines
  • chapter 8, page 243 Simulate a measurement and do some basic statistic
  • chapter 12, page 385 Create a waveform (sawtooth) signal
  • chapter 12, page 399 Use a menu-ring and a button to select and generate a waveform signal


    Before buying

    Learn more about LabVIEW for everyone: Have a look at the website of the author Jeffry Travis at To date LabVIEW for everyone comes with a time limited evaluation version of LabVIEW 7 Express.
    Bart Boshuizen, 2005/02/01

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