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LabVIEW projects- Dropping Ball Analysis

Dropping Ball Analysis


My name is Sven Weerdenburg and I am 14 years old. I had an assignment for school to do an internship, and I decided to work with Bart. I had to do a little project for Bart. Students did an experiment with some kind of gel. They put that gel in a few bottles and they put small metal balls on top of those bottles. They warmed the gel up and it became liquid. So the ball sank in that gel, they made pictures when the temperature rose 0.2 °C. They sent me the images and I had to make a program so the statistics from the dropping balls were seen in a graph.

Original                                   Binary

First I had to make the normal images from RGB to binary. When that was done I had to detect all circles so it was easier to calculate the distance between the circle and the bottom. When that was done, I had to use the clamp tool, so it could measure the distance between the circle and the bottom of the bottle. I put this program into LabVIEW. I had to make a couple of changes, so you could see a graph of the statistics from the dropping balls.

Here you see the result of the dropping balls in a graph.

Click here to see the diagram.


Sven Weerdenburg, 2012/05/10

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