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LabVIEW projects - Data Tracker simulator

Data Tracker simulator


My name is Max Makkee and I had an assignment to do an internship from school. I have chosen to do this at Bart. We tried to connect a pc to a device (Data Tracker 223). I wired the device in several ways, but we couldn't get the device working, so this didn't worked out as we planned. We simulated the device in LabVIEW on a pc. The pc would do the same as the device would do. We connected a pc to another pc to simulate the connection from pc to the device. The first pc made a request and the other pc must answer it. This will be used in a chemical classification to measure the pressure.

This is a read analog function. We tested it for 2 devices and it would work for 255 devices.

This picture shows that the data is updated every 50 ms (in the upperframe) and that the application checks for incoming requests every 10 ms (in the lowerframe).

Maxim Makkee, 2012/06/28

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