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LabVIEW projects - ASAP2000

ASAP2000 signal simulation and processing


My name is Frank and I worked a few days with Bart to see what his job is, this was an assignment for school. The working FrankIn these days Bart had a The Asap2000order from some colleague to edit some software for the ASAP 2000. The problem was that the signal was full of noise and that there were strange humps on it. So our task was to get that off the signal, but to keep the result reliable. Bart always worked with LabVIEW so this time we worked also with it. First of all we simulate the signal from the machine, including the noise and the strange hump. After a bit of experiments we found a way to create the noise on the signal. Now we had to create the humps.


Home made Asap Signal

We did it with a regular function and some different other functions, but it worked. To simulate everthing we had to make a up going line and one that's going down. We made this in 2 other programs and put these in the basic program. So that it become one function.

This was the easy part because Bart knew how to filter the signal and how to put 10 points of the signal into one point. But the filter wasn't reliable so we made a second line in the diagram that uses both ways and an other line that only uses the method to make 10 point into 1. So that creates 1 line without noise but with the strange humps and the second line is without the noise and the humps but this line isn't always reliable, so that is why we had it as an extra option.




Frank Kloosterman, 2011/01/20

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