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What is a great website for.... Typing in the right keywords doesn't allways give the desired results.


  • Pages on the C.T. systems website.
  • Pages on The Linux Documentation Project website.
    • Serial HOWTO
      This is a 23 chapter HOWTO document which is part of the'Linux Documentation Project'. Only part of the information is for Linux adepts only, the rest is generic information on RS-232.
  • Pages on the WildPackets website.
    • RS-232
      11 short pages on the technical ins-and-outs of the RS 232 interface. Also describes the use of a break-out-box (bob).

System integrators

  • Carya Automatisering [Certified Alliance Partner] [The Netherlands]
    Carya Automatisering is active in the area of automation of test & measurement equipment and pilot plants. Carya executes projects for research & development departments of companies and research institutes. Carya wants to cover the whole market, from multinationals down to small companies.
  • T&M Solutions BV [The Netherlands]
    T&M Solutions BV is a reliable partner who helps her customers with Test & Measurement software to improve their industrial-, production- and medical processes.
  • SEM Systems Ltd [United Kingdom]
    SEM Systems supplies solutions using National Instruments LabVIEW software; SEM Systems can automate existing equipment or design fully automated computer controlled machinery.

Bart Boshuizen, 2005/08/31

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