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LabVIEW events - NIdays 2005

LabVIEW NI-days 2005

On Wednesday the 2nd of March 2005 the Dutch version of NI-days 2005 was held at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. This event attracted some 150 visitors and was shaped by some 15 National Instruments employees.
The day was split in various parts, with a plenary meeting in the morning and three tracks of seminars in the afternoon.

During the morning session John Pascquarette, for the demonstrations assisted by Arnod Busser, gave the keynote in which he presented the history of data-acquisition and control.
Of course the most recent developments were addressed. Much attention was given to compactRIO. Both the real-time qualities and ruggedness (the 'R' in 'RIO') were highlighted. The latter was demonstrated with a 'fun-video' showing how a working compactRIO system was thrown of the roof of the 8 stories high National Instruments headquarters and (obviously) kept working.
After John Pascquarette's keynote, Ray Almgren pleaded to bring back the 'fun in science' by using LabVIEW. It would be particularly important to interest the children in science. National Instruments' contribution must have been a surprise to most of the visitors; LabVIEW, allbeit in the shape of ROBOLAB, is being applied in the programmable LEGO robot.

During a more than decent lunch there was plenty of time to be informed about the products and services of various LabVIEW integrators. For example Carya from Delft that among other things helps to automate existing installations and T&M Solutions from Arnhem that used this NIday to draw the visitors attention to their DatabaseWizzard.

In the afternoon session there was an opportunity to attend some of the seminars. There were three tracks with in total fourteen seminars, of which two were 'hands-on'. A short report of five of these seminars is given below:

  1. M-series and USB - The Next Generation of Data Acquisition
  2. Designing Distributed Industrial Measurement & Control Applications with FieldPoint Distributed I/O, Vision and Motion
  3. Advanced LabVIEW Event-Driven Programming Topics
  4. Building Rugged Industrial Control & Measurement Systems with compactRIO
  5. Seven New Habits of Highly Succesful NI-DAQ Programmers

After the final seminar a USB device was raffled off. Obviously there was time to stay and talk... With a lot of new knowledge, and with a pile of leaflets, CD's and a T-shirt it was time to go home. Which must have been quite troublesome for some on this exceptionally snowy day.

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Dutch version: Nederlandse versie

Bart Boshuizen, 2005/03/07

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