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2013 TU Delft LabVIEW event


The 2013 TU Delft LabVIEW event was held on May 29th at the department of Aerospace Engineering and was attended by more than 30 persons.

This user group meeting, which was organized by Berthil Grashof and Bart Boshuizen, was intended for students and staff of the Delft University of Technology. Participants from a whole range of departments attended the presentations held by 8 different persons.

Several topics were addressed during this event:

  • 'LabVIEW nuggets' & 'LabVIEW 2012 project templates' (Martijn Smeulers, National Instruments)
  • 'Differences between reference based OOP and native OOP' (Juhad & Thomas, mechatronics trainees at Mondriaan College)
  • 'Renewing of the impact tower' (Tommy & Erik, mechatronics trainees at Mondriaan College)
  • 'Aircraft noise monitoring' (Kirk Scheper, Aerospace Engineering)
  • 'Arduino applications' (Bart Boshuizen, SSC-ICT/ChemE)
  • 'XControls' (Berthil Grashof, Aerospace Engineering)

A special event within the LabVIEW event was the presentation of the award that was given to Paul Rijkers. In the presence of William Baars (National Instruments) Martijn Smeulers (National Instruments) honoured Paul as the 'godfather' of LabVIEW at the Delft University of Technolgy. Paul was an early user of LabVIEW and was at the start of the wide-spread use of LabVIEW throughout the university.

Bart Boshuizen, 2013/05/30

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