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LabVIEW drivers - Sartorius CP324S balance

Sartorius CP324S balance/scale

With the right cable it's fairly easy to develop a basic driver for the Sartorius CP324S balance.

The command structure is either [ESC][COMMAND][CR][LF] or [ESC][COMMAND][PARAMETER][UNDERSCORE][CR][LF].

You'll find the actual command characters on page 59 of the manual. For measurements one would use the first command structure with [P] as the command character.

The basic settings for the serial communication are: Baudrate 1200, 7 Databits, 1 Stopbit, Odd parity.

Time to wait between readings: 250 ms.

Error handling

In systems where there is a continuously increasing weight the balance will not give a response all the time. Using the previous measurement as an input, the subvi presented here may pass the previous measurement as response together with an error code.
To better tackle this problem configure your scale to measure without waiting for stability by setting the 'Manual/auto print mode' to 'Manual without stability..'. (Menu item: 6 1 1.)


The vi's listed below were created with LabVIEW 6.1.
datalog program for Sartorius scale

Support file (initialisation) for datalogger.


  • All Vis have been made with labVIEW 6.1

Bart Boshuizen, 2005/05/24

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