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LabVIEW drivers - Memmert oven

Memmert oven

Memmert ovens come in different size and models. The presented LabVIEW API implements all public functions of the oven protocol.

Driver installation

Create a directory _memmert in the user.lib directory of LabVIEW e.g. C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.2\user.lib\_memmert and unpack all files from in this new directory. This should add a new menu to the User Libraries of the Functions Pallete:
additions to the User Libraries for Memmert oven
The driver is presented as an API in which some of the functions are polymorphic: [read] and [write] in the basic menu and [read parameter] and [read setpoint] in the advanced menu. The use of the API can best be shown with a sample:
sample of the Memmert oven API
In the sample one can see the following steps:

  • [open] opens the connection to a given oven on a given serial port, all other functions use a reference to this connection
  • [set mode] with remote allows remote communication
  • [read > pv temperature] reads the current temperature (process value)
  • [write > temperature] writes the new temperature (setpoint)
  • [set mode] with local disallows remote communication
  • [close] discards the reference and closes the connection

Test Program

The test program,, tests which options (airflap control, 2nd temperature, pressure) are available.
All oven types should support the basic actions like setting the desired setpoint and reading the current temperatures.
Furthermore all ovens should support setting the desired fan speed.



  • All VIs have been made with LabVIEW 8.2

Bart Boshuizen, 2008/06/13

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