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LabVIEW drivers - Adixen vacuum pump


The Adixen vacuum pumps (ACP 15/28/40) can be controlled using a PC. The user's manual for these pumps provide the necessary information to setup the communication.
The presented LabVIEW driver incorporates all the commands provided by the user's manual.
The control panel program uses all the functions from the driver and can be used to control a single pump.

The command set

The vis (adixen xxx in the driver are named after the following commands:

ACP Turns the pump on or off.
ADR Changes the address of a given pump within the network of pumps. Alternatively it requests a pump for confirmation of the address.
IDN Requests the identity (pump type and software release) of a pump.
NSP Turns the pump speed to nominal (maximum) speed provided the pump is on.
RPM Turns the pump speed to a given speed provided the pump is on.
SBY Turns the pump speed to stand-by speed provided the pump is on.
STA Returns the status of the pump.

This file includes all the driver files.

adixen control
This file includes most of the driver files plus the additional files for the control panel program.

All the included vis have been made with LabVIEW 8.5.1.


  • The driver/control panel program has not been tested yet.
  • The vis don't contain extensive error cheking.
  • According to the manual each RPM command should be preceeded by the SBY command. So instead of using the separate commands it is better to use the combined commands as in adixen RPM after SBY

Bart Boshuizen, 2010/07/13

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