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LabVIEW - ChemE projects

SSC-ICT LabVIEW projects at Chemical Engineering
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== Possibly New Projects ==
  client title planning status
Mark de Nietnew ALD-FBRpossibly new projectannounced
Joana Carneiroupgrade TPSpossibly new projectannounced
Jorge Gasconupgrade breakthrough programpossibly new project-
David Vervloetintegration of oxygen measurementpossibly new project-
Mark de NietTLP program conversionpossibly new project-
== Current Projects ==
  client title planning status
Harrie JansmaFCC Fluidized Catalytic Cracking20080430awaiting user test
Mark de NietALD-FBR upgrade20091231started
Arjen DiddenALD reactor III20100131finalizing
Johan van den Bergdatalogger ASAP200020101209awaiting user test
Haining AnFT rheology20110331started
Abrar Hakeem6-flow reactor20110401finalizing
Judith StaginusLCR meter - frequency sweep20110428†started
== Finished Projects ==
[all] [2007] [2008] [2009] [2010] [2011]
  client title planning status
Juduth Staginusadapting commercial program20111014finished
Haining Angaussmeter step response20111012finished
Judith StaginusLCR meter - fixed frequency remake20110831finished
Mojgan Talebidatalogger for scale20110809finished
Duco Bosmaroll to roll system20110331finished
Emanuel Skupienmicropump20110228finished
Mojgan TalebiCFB pressure measurements20101223finished
Esteban Garciawafer spray20100931finished
Mark de Nietupgrading methanol factory application20100915finished
Mojgan Talebitemperature control program20100901finished
Piotr Glazerpreva multichannel recorder20100815finished
Sina SartipiFischer-Tropsch20100731finished
Judith StaginusLCR meter - fixed frequency20100531finished
Harrie JansmaHastelloy autoclaves20100430finished
Arjan Diddenupgrade ALD II20100315finished
Chieh-Chao Yanghigh throughput CO2 activation20091031finished
TemiHe pulse20090930finished
David Vervloetexpanding temperature measurement20090831finished
Qingping WuNOx analyzer20090630finished
Thibault Alphazanautomation rotating spray system20090630finished
Bashartemperature datalogger 20090630finished
Jiangrong Licorrecting RI2000 datalogger20090630finsihed
Freek Kapteinpervaporation20090531finished
Iwona ZiemeckaHarvard Pump Pulse20090525finished
Wouter Blommicropump controls20090515finished
Yen Tran TranALD reactor I20090430finished
Haining Anmagnetic field20090430finished
Giacomo Perfettirotating spray system20090407finished
Erik Kramer 3mElocation speed acceleration measurement20090319finished
Harrie JansmaMonolith Pilot Reactor20090119finished
Arjen DiddenALD reactor II20081031finished
Joana CarneiroIIMR set-up20081025finished ---
Harrie Jansmadata manipulation tool Diesel sixflow20081015finished
Natalie Marquezexpanding datalogger20080903finished
Renske Beetstrachanging 2DFB program20080827finished
Ricardo van den Bos SSC-ICT (TNW) Allowing LabVIEW 7.1 and 8.5 to work together20080827finished
David Munaorevised protocol for laser equipment20080826finished
Naoko Ellisdata acquisition for the electrocharging experiment20080731finished
Paul Vermeulen DEMO (CITG)rekstrook metingen20080703finished
Harrie JansmaDieselcontainer I20080620finished
Yonsuang Arnanthigo Adaptation DMM program20080610finished
Jorge Gasconpermporometry set-up20080515finished
Naoko Ellis2D Fluidized Bed20080430finished
Ger KoperUpgrading battery test program20080430finished
Xiaoding XuN2O sixflow20080331finished
Jan van Ervenlaser equipment20080228finished
Ana Rita Almeidaratedivider (counter/timer) for lasershutter20080131finished
Ger Koperassembling the Jonction Titrator20071231finished
TNW-BT Remco van OostenO2 measurement with USB device20071119finished
Harrie Jansmarenewal Diesel sixflow20070930finished
Renske Beetstrahardware changes robot setup20070915finished
Alexandre FerreiraTEOM update20070627finished
Sander Brouwerupdate TPR/TPO to LabVIEW 8.220070621finished
Ali Akhavanadding timed control for pulse signal20070607finished
Nathalie Marquezexpansion datalogging program20070604finished
Joana Carneiro2nd pump control20070523finished
DaniŽl van Herkmodification recipe.vi20070331finished
Malte Bartelspulsgenerator with USB device20070201finished
== Non Assigned Projects ==
  client title planning status
Bart van der LindenMultitrack upgradeto other party
Zhen Liupulse generatorno go
Christian Nederlof6-flow ethylbenzeen dehydrogenering to other party

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