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[food additives]

The survey of E-numbers in real food products

A study on the use of E-numbers (or E-codes) found in products sold in the Netherlands.


This page describes the database entry of a single (pre packaged) food product in the database. Use the links above to either get an overview of all the products in the database or to get an overview of all described E-numbers.

Food addtives in

The entry for '' in the food products database contains the following information:
contains (codes found by number): e202 e450a e500 
contains (codes found by name): e322 e330 e160a 
producer: dr. molen's banket
this and other food products by this producer:
foodgroup: baked products
this and other food products in this foodgroup:
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The information about this product can be either incomplete or outdated. The information only displays the public information on the packaging label for this product available at the date of entry in the product database.

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