Escape-12   Guidelines for presenting posters


1. Introduction

We are a little bit reluctant in giving too detailed instructions for preparing poster presentations, because we do not want to suppress any kind of creativity of the authors. Nevertheless, we think that some guidelines, recommendations and advises may help some of you in preparing a poster of a higher quality.
Some rules you should really obey to are: The posters will be displayed during 11/2 day. The first session will be held from Monday 27 May till Tuesday 28 May noon and the second session from Tuesday 28 May noon till Wednesday 29 May afternoon. Authors should be near their poster display during their allocated session (Monday 27 May 13.30-15.00 hrs. or Wednesday 29 May 13.00-14.30 hrs.) For more details see the final programme, which will be issued at the website The final programme will also be available in printed form at the symposium.

2. Poster

2.1 Some starting points to consider
2.2 The lay-out of the poster
The contents of the poster might be subdivided as follows:
Header   Give title of poster, authors, affiliation, addresses
idea: put your photograph in the header
Put the Escape-12 AECV2001 paper number on the upper right hand corner of the header.
Problem definition & objectives   Make clear which problem you have studied and the aims of your work.
Refer briefly to previous work. Give the perspectives if you really attain the set objectives.
Strategy, methods, theory   Indicate HOW you have tried to solve the set problem: general strategy, experimental methods, theoretical aspects, ....
Emphasise novel theoretical and experimental approaches.
Results   Present your findings to justify the conclusions e.g. via tables and graphs. Do not overload tables and graphs with data.
Conclusions   Draw conclusions about what you have learned from your work. Indicate the significance of the conclusion(s).
References   Give maximum 4 key references to position your work.
Acknowledgements   Should be mentioned if any.
Posters will be mounted on panels with drawing pins. These pins will be provided for to the authors in the poster rooms.
The total size of the poster should be according to format A0 (height x width = 118.8 cm x 84.0 cm).
The posters can be prepared most conveniently with MS Powerpoint or similar programs. The format A0 may also be built up with 4 pages of format A2 (42.0 cm x 59.4 cm) or 8 pages with format A3 (42.0 cm x 29.7 cm). It is NOT recommended to use 16 pages of format A4!!

Good luck with your preparations!

Escape-12 Scientific Committee.
April 2002.

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