IDS&DRP 2004

Invited speakers

TU Delft | DCT | PME 

Invited Speakers


Blochowicz, T. (Bayreuth, Germany)

Broadband dielectric spectroscopy in binary molecular glass formers - Frequency and time domain spectroscopy, non-resonant hole burning

Böhmer, R. (Dortmund, Germany)

Glassy dynamics: Advances by dielectric and NMR spectroscopy

Capaccioli, S. (Pisa, Italy)

Identifying the genuine Johari-Goldstein b-relaxation by cooling, compressing, and aging of some typical glass-formers

Ezquerra, T. (Madrid, Spain)

Probing ordering processes in soft condensed matter by means of  time resolved broad band dielectric spectroscopy

Feldman, Y. (Jerusalem, Israel)

Dielectric response and universal relaxation dynamics in glycerol-water mixtures

Frick, B. (Grenoble, France)

Inelastic neutron scattering for probing the dynamics of glass forming systems in confinement - recent results on some organic liquids and polymers

Furukawa, T. (Tokyo, Japan)

Nonlinear dielectric investigation on nanofilms of ferroelectric polymers

Johari, Gyan (Hamilton, Canada)

Glass transition dynamics in isothermally polymerizing melts.

Kremer, F. (Leipzig, Germany)

Molecular dynamics in thin (grafted or spin-coated) polymer layers

Lacabanne, C. (Toulouse, France)

Mobility and dielectric relaxations in complex systems by broadband dielectric spectroscopy and thermally stimulated currents

Leon, C. (Madrid, Spain)

Cooperative ion dynamics in ionic conductors

Lyulin, A. (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Molecular dynamics simulation of amorphous polymers in isotropic state and under uniaxial deformation

Ngai, K. L. (Washington, USA)

Dynamics of blends and mixtures

Nigmatulin, R. (Kazan, Russia)

Is there any physical meaning of reind and recaps with complex exponents?

Pawlaczyk, C. (Poznan, Poland)

Dielectric response in ferroelectrics

Richert, R. (Tempe, USA)

Dynamics in disordered systems: From molecules to materials

Roland, C.M. (Washington, USA)

Pressure as an experimental variable in the study of glass-forming liquids

Roling, B. (Münster, Germany)

New experimental techniques for conductivity spectroscopy: Nanoscale and nonlinear spectroscopy

Schönhals, A. (Berlin, Germany)

Polymers in nanoconfinements - What can we learn from relaxation and scattering experiments

Williams, Graham (Swansea, UK)

Daniel Kivelson: His contributions to the dynamics of liquids